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Getting Timepage Support

If you can’t seem to find your question answered in this guide, the Timepage team would be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

By email Please detail your problem as thoroughly as possible, including screenshots or screen captures if necessary. If you are reporting a bug, please let us know if and how you are able to replicate the issue, what version of iOS you are using, and what device you have Timepage installed on.

By Twitter

Find us at @moleskinestudio.

Feature Requests

We love hearing feedback about your favorite Timepage features, as well as what you’d like to see in upcoming releases. On the feature request forum you can add suggestions, vote up suggestions you’d like, and leave comments on things you’d love to make their way into the app.

The easiest way to leave a feature request is through Timepage. Here’s how:

  1. Open Menu
  2. Tap “Help”
  3. Tap the bubble labeled “Feature Request”
  4. Confirm your name and tap “Continue”

From there, Timepage will pass your account information along to Canny – our feature request system – and you can immediately get to work writing posts and comments. Make sure to use your real name, as the boards are public to other users.

You can also access the feature request site by visiting If you choose to file a request through the direct URL, you will have to create a Canny account.

The Help Menu

A final tip: although all of the above ways are perfectly acceptable means of reaching the team, the quickest way to do so is through Timepage. Launch the app, open Menu, and choose “Help”.