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Adding Events

Adding an Event

You can add events on the Timeline, the day screen or from the heatmap via the + button


The Timeline view is the most comprehensive look of your weekly schedule, including events, Actions, and more. It’s simple to add a new event directly from Timeline.

At the bottom of the screen is a floating add button; tapping on the button will bring up the “New Event” screen, automatically set to today’s date. However, if you’d like to add an event for another day, you can drag the floating add button over any day on the Timeline to create an event for that day.

Day View

When in Timeline, tap the day you’d like to dive into to enter Day View.

While in Day View, add an event by either:

  • Tapping the + button
  • Pulling down on the screen

Heat Map

Heat Map is the monthly overview of your busiest days, showing you the density of events across multiple calendars. Since Heat Map helps you take a look at the bigger picture, you can also see the best times to add events by showing the times when you’re most free.

To add an event in Day Map, tap the relevant day in the calendar view and hit the + button

With the “Add New Event” widget

Devices using iOS14 and above, can show the “Add New Event” widget on the home screen. You can configure this widget to show quick add buttons for up to three separate calendars. Press the relevant button, and you’ll be taken straight into the app, ready to create your new event in the chosen calendar.