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Set up Calendars

Any calendars tied to accounts in iOS will carry over to Timpage, and the Setup Calendars preference is where you’ll go to add and remove the calendars featured in Timepage.

In this preference, your calendars will be displayed in a list format; calendars that are already showing in Timepage will have a to the right. Tapping on a calendar will toggle its appearance either on or off, and you’ll immediately see these changes in Timepage. When you toggle a calendar off, it won’t delete the calendar – just hide it.

Deleting calendars in the Setup Calendars preference comes through a tap and hold. After a short period of time, Timepage will remove the calendar from the app and delete it altogether.

Seeing birthday duplicates?

For Google Calendar:

  • Sign in to Google Calendar in your desktop browser
  • Go to My Calendars > Settings > Birthdays
  • Customise the birthdays you wish to see

For iCloud:

  • Sign into in your desktop browser
  • Click on Calendar then tap the Settings cog icon on the bottom left
  • Choose to tick or untick “Show Birthdays Calendar”

Set Default

The Set Default preference lets you pick your preferred calendar as a default. Just tap on the option, and every event you create will be added to that calendar. When an event needs to be added to another calendar, you can do this when creating an event.

Choose Colors

In the Choose Colors setting, you’ll first select a calendar from the list. Then, you’ll pan around in the color picker until you see your preferred color – to change the brightness, move your finger along the slider. Once you’re happy with your selection, tap the icon at the bottom.