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Customizing the Interface

Day Shading

In Timeline, days are differentiated by their numbers on the side and the colors in the background. The latter is called ”day shading,” which is an interface feature that helps you tell one day from the other. Like many other visual aspects, day shading can be altered to your preference.

Changing Day Shading Settings

To dive into the day shading settings, navigate to the Menu pane and tap into “Timeline.” Under the “Shading” header, you’ll the list of shading possibilities, including:

  • Alternate days
  • Alternate weeks
  • The past
  • Weekends
  • Today

Once you make your selection, Timepage will adjust Timeline to your preferences, shading the appropriate days.

Based on your color selection, the shading may not be as apparent as you’d like. If that’s the case, you can select the “On” option under “Heavy Shading” to shift to darker shading.