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If you are experiencing issues with calendars you have set up in Timepage, there are several things you can try. If these steps don’t resolve your calendar issues, please contact us here at

Calendars do not sync between devices

  • Make sure that you’re signed in with the same email address on both devices.

  • Timepage supports any calendars configured in your iOS Settings, so the next thing you need to make sure of is that the same calendar accounts are listed on both of your devices.

    • Go to “iOS Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts” on both devices and compare the lists of accounts. You can add any missing accounts by tapping “Add Account”.

    • Once both of your devices have the same accounts listed, you should see the same events appearing on Timepage.

    • If you do not, then please check the calendars that are enabled on Timepage. To do this, go to “Menu -> Preferences -> Calendars -> Setup Calendars” and make sure the same calendars are enabled.