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Navigating Timeline

Your Timeline is the central hub for events in Timepage. The Timeline will only show between three and 10 days (you can choose how many), including today. This helps narrow the focus so you can see what’s most relevant.

Timeline is the default screen. Here, you’ll see a vertical list of upcoming days. Along the left side is the month and year, next to the days of the week, which feature their name and number. Each day will be contained inside a box, visibly separated from the day below it.

In Preferences, under “Timeline,” you can choose the Multi-line layout mode to provide more detail for your events on the Timeline. Traditional mode shows less information about individual events but will show more actual events for the day.

To view days further in the future or past, simply scroll up or down on the screen until the desired date. Tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to return back to today.

Timeline is the best place to navigate to other sections of the app, too. From the Timeline panel, swipe left to right to see the Heat Map, tap a day to open Day View, or swipe right to left to open Menu.