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Navigating Day View

Day View is where you will see in-depth details on the events you have on a particular day. Included in Day View is your schedule, Actions (available with the Actions integration), and weather information, providing a perfect summary for the day ahead.

To enter Day View, navigate to Timeline and tap on the day you’d like to view more information about. Along the top, you’ll see the date in the header, along with a icon to add a new event. Gestures are a key part of Day View, allowing you to:

  • Swipe right to left or vice versa to move to another day
  • Pull down to add a new event
  • Swipe right to left on an event or Action Card in a short motion to reschedule
  • Swipe right to left on an event or Action Card in a long motion to delete
  • Swipe left to right on an Action Card to mark as complete


Under “Schedule” in Day View, you’ll see a running list of your events. On each Action is the event’s title, time, and calendar indicator. If you’d like more information just tap on the Action.

Here, you’ll see the full details overview of the event, including information on location, people, reminders, repeats, and notes. Tap any one of these headers to make changes, and tap the delete icon at the top to remove the event from Timepage altogether.


Actions is a separate app to Timepage – you can download it in the App Store here – while also featuring integration with your Timeline, Day View, and Heat Map. If you have Actions and Timepage installed on your iOS device and are signed into an account in both apps, you’ll have all you need to add Actions to Timepage.

When you open Day View, any to-dos for that particular day will be saved under the “Actions” header. These Actions will mimic their List and Schedule information from Actions. To see the Action in Actions, simply tap it.

Actions can also be marked off in Timepage through these gestures:

  • Swipe left to right in a short gesture to reschedule
  • Swipe left to right in a long gesture to delete
  • Swipe right to left in a short gesture to mark as “complete”


In Day View, you’ll get a quick summary of the weather, including the conditions, temperature, humidity, and wind.

To see hourly weather conditions:

  1. Navigate to Day View
  2. Tap and hold on the weather forecast
  3. Swipe left and right to move back and forth in time

As you move along the timeline, the text above will adjust to provide you the forecast for that time of day.