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Gestures on Events and Actions

Events don’t always happen when they are originally scheduled, requiring us to reschedule or cancel what we have down in our calendar. This can already be a frustrating process, and an inflexible calendar doesn’t make it any easier. Timepage’s gestures streamline both the reschedule and deletion process, as well as add some easy ways to get more information on events you have.

When viewing your schedule in Day View, swipe right to left in a short gesture on a card to reschedule an event to another day. To remove an event in Timepage, swipe right to left in a long gesture. Both of these gestures save you from having to dive into an event but still provide quick functionality.

Speaking of quick, you can also quickly access information about events created in Timepage through 3D Touch. To peek or pop into an event, press on a card; pressing lightly will “peek” and pressing firmly will “pop.”

Action Cards, which are brought over from our to-do app Actions, also support gestures. In a similar fashion to the event gestures above, you can mark Action Cards by swiping on the card. The supported gestures for Action Cards are:

  • Swipe right to left on the Card to mark it as complete
  • Swipe left to right in a short gesture to reschedule the Action Card
  • Swipe left to right in a long gesture to delete the Action Card