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In Day View, you can view the day’s forecast, including the weather conditions, humidity, and wind speeds; additionally, tap and hold on the weather information to get an hour-by-hour breakdown.

In the weather preferences, we’ve offered two settings to make the weather portion of Timepage better for you.


In the winter and summer, what it says on the thermometer isn’t always what it feels like outside. Factors like humidity and wind chill can make all the difference when planning an outfit, so it can be helpful to know what it “feels like,” instead of what the temperature actually is.

If you’d like to keep it traditional, you can leave the “Show actual temperature” option on; however, if you’d like to go the route of the actual estimated temperature, you can turn on “Show feels like temperature.”


Whether you prefer Fahrenheit or Celsius, it’s always nice to have your desired temperature units. Timepage supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius, which you can choose in the weather preference.

Weather Info Not Appearing

If weather information isn’t appearing for you, there could be a few different reasons causing it:

  • Check your Location Services are set to “Always” for Timepage (iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Timepage)
  • You may be in a region that has limited forecast information at this time.
  • You may be looking too far into the future, weather information is only available for the next two weeks.
  • You may have an issue with your internet connection.