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In Timepage, weeks are just as important as days, offering a big-picture look of what’s on your agenda. Customization of week settings comes through three options: week numbers, week mode, and week start.

Week numbers are small digits found to the left of Timeline which represent the week count – in early March, for example, you’ll see a “12.” These numbers can be helpful in a variety of applications, but are also able to be removed for users who feel they’re unnecessary. To do that, tap “Show Week Numbers” under the Week Numbers header in the Weeks preference.

Although many of us use the Gregorian calendar for our dates, we don’t always write dates in the same way. Whether you typically use the North American (mm/dd/yyyy), ISO 8601(dd/mm/yyyy), or Middle East (yyyy/mm/dd) format, Timepage supports your preferred week mode. Simply select any of the three options to change how the date is displayed. We should note that Timepage will automatically adjust this setting based on the region of your account, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to change this.

With the week start feature, you can tell Timepage to start a week on a particular day. This helps keep your calendar flexible for different work schedules.