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About Timepage

Timepage is a delightful and (very) smart calendar that helps you effortlessly organize your day — events, maps, contacts, weather and to-do list in one app.

Timepage is the calendar app you’ve been searching for. Cleanly designed and engineered to help you become the punctual, organized person you’ve always wanted to be. Stay on top of your deadlines. Keep focussed on what needs the most attention.

Timepage makes every week a good week.

Timepage is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and macOS with a free trial and as a part of our Bundle and Family Bundle plans.

Photo of Timepage on an iPad

Getting started

See your calendar at a glance with Timepage’s Timeline. You can choose between 3 and 10 days to feature on your Timeline and customise your preferences for day, date, layout mode and display options.

Tap into a day to see your Day View. This will show that day’s scheduled events, tasks (via our to-do app Actions) and weather information. Events in Day View contain user-added information including time, people, location, and notes, so you have every detail on hand. You can enter the address of your event and tap on the map to get directions. Everything you need in one place.

The Heat Map is a clever way to track your availability visually. Through color density, Heat Map shows you what days are busier than others and which days you have no events planned. Great for visual learners, our Heat Map feature is a quick way to locate your less (or more!) busy periods.

We love customisation. Timepage offers, themes, gestures, text size, alerts, shading and display options and more. We also support multiple calendars, so you can have your work and home calendars together in one handy location.

With Smart Alerts, you can customise what Timepage tells you about - you can choose from rain alerts, daily briefings, meeting follow-ups, leaving times (so you’re never late again) and Apple Watch alerts for upcoming events.