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Timepage for Apple Watch

Using Timepage for Apple Watch

Timepage on iPhone and iPad is the best way to view your calendar and create events on iOS. But there are times where we we might not feel like pulling out either of these devices for information – we’d prefer to simply see information in a short glance. That’s where Timepage for Apple Watch fits in.

On your Apple Watch, Timepage offers a basic but effective way to see what’s coming up in your day, eliminating the need to grab another device. Though the watchOS version of Timepage isn’t a total calendar management tool, it can substitute and quick interaction with the iOS versions of Timepage on your other devices.

Adding Timepage to Your Apple Watch

Apps on Apple Watch are automatically installed through the “Automatic App Install” feature in the stock Watch app. If you have the toggle flipped to the “on” position, any app you download from the iOS App Store that has a companion app will be downloaded directly on your watch. With this feature on, once you’ve downloaded Timepage, you’ll have it for Apple Watch, too – and if you’ve already downloaded the app, it’s probably already on the watch.

If you don’t have “Automatic App Installs” on, the Watch app on your companion iPhone will still recognize the Timepage Apple Watch app. Under the My Watch page in the Watch app, find Timepage under the list of available apps at the bottom of the screen. Tap Install, and Timepage will installed on your Apple Watch.

Timepage’s Interface on Apple Watch

Whereas Timepage for iPhone and iPad skews on the side of verticality, Timepage for Apple Watch is built around horizontal interaction. When you launch the app, you’ll see the current day displayed in one of two ways: with the phrase “Handoff to add an event on iPhone” or with a set of events. If you see the former, it means that your day is free; the latter is a list of all scheduled events for that day.

On the Watch, Timepage will show screens for a week – to access each day, swipe left and right. Along the top of the display, you’ll see the numerical date, week day, and temperature, as well as a glyph for the weather. By tapping on the weather icon, you’ll see the chance of rain and humidity, as well as a graph for the entire day through a right to left swipe.

When you tap on an event, you’ll immediately get information on the weather conditions and travel time to get to your destination. If you have a location set, swipe right to left to see its location on a map; to get directions, tap the map and Timepage will launch Apple Maps.

Timepage also features complications for various watch faces, including options that tell you how many events you have and how long it will take to drive to your next event. Here’s a list of their functions and on what faces they appear:

  • Modular – small–travel time for next event today
  • Modular – large–event information for next event today
  • Utilitarian – small–travel time for next event today
  • Utilitarian – large–event information for next event today
  • Circular– small–precipitation probability for today