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Actions Integration

Our to-do app Actions is a continuation of the simplicity we put into Timepage. With a clean, minimal design that includes an extensive feature set, Actions is the perfect companion task manager to the all-in-one calendar solution found in Timepage.

Since Timepage and Actions are built on the same foundation, we thought it’d be nice to have some of Actions featured in Timepage. One of the most apparent locations for your tasks created in Actions is in Timeline, where you can see both your to-dos and upcoming events.

How to Set Up Actions in Timepage

For Actions to appear in your Timeline, you’ll first need to make sure you have Actions and Timepage installed on your device. Both Actions and Timepage are available on iPhone and iPad, and both support cross-device syncing to guarantee that your tasks and events appear across all devices.

Next, you’ll sign in with an account in Actions and Timepage. In both apps, visit the Menu pane and tap “Account”. Sign in with your email, Google, or Apple – just make sure that you’ve used the same account for both apps.

Once you’ve signed in to your account, tasks you’ve inserted in Actions will appear right in Timepage’s Timeline.

Actions in the Timeline

Tasks from Actions resemble calendar events you’ve created in Timepage, displaying their name on the date you assigned in Actions. The only visible difference between tasks and events is their colored indicator: events will have their calendar color, whereas Actions will have a small, color-coded hyphen next to the title.