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Accessing and Using Search

After you spend a lot of time with Timepage, you’re likely to rack up hundreds of events across dates past, present, and future. And though we try to keep Timepage’s interface as simple as possible, some events can get lost in the mix.

Timepage’s search functionality is perfect for jumping around your calendar – simply search any information about the event and Timepage will surface it for you.

Search is conveniently placed in two locations in Timepage, one more accessible by touch and the other by gesture. We chose not to clutter up the interface with a floating search bar or button, instead tucking it away to the side of the screen.

Accessing search is done by either:

  • Tapping or swiping into Menu and tapping “Search”
  • Tapping or swiping past Menu

Search works like you’d expect: type in your search term and Timepage will pull up any events that are applicable. If Timepage can find what you’re looking for, it’ll display the title, calendar color, time, and date of the event, which you can tap on to jump straight into the item. Timepage will also show every iteration of repeating events, so you can jump to a further version of something if you’d like.

Search also comes with a time filter to limit down what displays after search. Above the keyboard during a search, tap “Past,” “All Time,” or “Future” to tell Timepage where you’d like to search. This feature can be used to look back on fond memories or jump forward to exclusively look at what’s next.

As with events, Timepage can also search for places or people. If, for example, you’re wondering where dinner is with Karen next week, you can search “Karen” and Timepage will immediately surface that event, including all information you entered during its creation. Whether you’re searching for an event, place, or person, Timepage will access your events in a snap.