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Actions Integration

Actions in Timepage

Timepage was built to take your schedule – busy or not – and drop it into a beautiful and minimalistic interface. There’s more than meets the eye in our calendar app, including travel time, calendar collaboration, rich customization, and more. With Actions, Timepage has improved even further, incorporating task management right into the app.

When working in Timepage, Action Cards will populate on their relevant days; for example, if you have a task called “Go to store” set for Monday, it’ll appear on Monday in the calendar. The Action Card will show its List color in Timepage, as well as its title.

Tapping on an Action Card found in Timepage will launch Actions, where you’ll be immediately provided with that Card’s information – notes, schedule, and List. Acting on a Card in Actions will also affect the Card found in Timepage, so you don’t have to worry about marking the task in multiple places.

Action Cards can also be marked as complete, deleted, or rescheduled from Timepage via the same gestures you’re familiar with in Actions. Similarly to Actions, Cards can be dragged from one day and dropped to another. Whatever changes made in Timepage will sync to Actions.

While writing a calendar event in Timepage, you can instead create an Action Card with the same title by tapping the “move to Actions” button found above the keyboard. This will launch Actions and drop the Action Card on the appropriate day.

Setting up Timepage and Actions is as simple as downloading both apps and setting up accounts. After you’ve added tasks to Actions, you should immediately begin seeing them in Timepage.