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Get more done every day.

Own your tasks and declutter your mind with a todo app you can't wait to use every day.

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A focus on simplicity makes Actions lightning fast to use and easy to understand.


Packed under the hood are sophisticated tools that help you become a more organised person.


With customisable layout and color options you can always find a match for your style.

Always Surprising.

Action’s fun gestures and animations make it the first todo app you’ll actually love using.

  1. Action card with checklist and notes

    Create Action Cards.

    In Actions everything you want to do becomes an Action Card. It’s a great way to visualise your tasks and each Action Card can have its own checklist and notes.

    Learn about Action Cards
  2. Action list with items

    Organize with Lists.

    Staying on top of all the different things you want to do is easy with Lists. Action Cards can be organised into lists and color coded using a range of beautiful colors from vivid to pastel.

    Learn about Lists
  3. Actions schedule view

    Plan your day.

    The Schedule screen shows your day at a glance and keeps you on top of the week ahead. Rescheduling is a simple drag and drop.

    Learn about Scheduling
  4. Actions deadlines view

    Get things done.

    Prioritise urgent Actions and set deadlines for when you know you have to focus.

    Learn about Deadlines

Share lists with friends and family.

Create a shopping list, split up chores, or plan an event.  Learn about Shared Lists →or see ourFamily Bundle


Use Natural Language.

Quickly create reminders and repeating tasks, Actions automatically detects what you're typing and does it all for you.

Learn about Natural Language →
title:'Walk the dog'
repeat:every day

Advanced Repeats

Need to do something on Tuesday and Friday every 3 weeks for 6 times? Done. It’s easy to create sophisticated repeating rules.

Custom Reminders

Get notifications about your upcoming Actions on your schedule with customisable reminders.

Actions on the Apple Watch

Always at hand.

Actions for Apple Watch is fast to use and easy to read, exactly what you need on the go.

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Actions in a web browser

And on your desktop.

Actions for Web brings everything to your browser.

Works with Timepage.

Timepage is the most delightful calendar on iOS and Mac, and it works together with Actions. With a bundle membership your Actions and calendar events are seamlessly integrated into both apps.

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Timepage on iPad
Learn more about Timepage →

Need some help?

Get the information you need to make the most of the Moleskine Studio apps.

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Get all three amazing apps bundled for only $24.99/year, or get Actions stand-alone for $14.99/year.

Our apps come with a seven day free trial, so you can try them risk-free and see if they're right for you.

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Download Actions on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android device.


Use Actions in your web browser on your Mac or PC.

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Always with you.

Synchronized and secure.

Actions are safely and securely stored in the cloud, and synchronised to all your devices. We worry about backups, so you don't have to.


We're in the app business, not in the business of selling data - we design all our apps to respect your privacy and keep your data secure and private.