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Mastering Actions

Timepage Integration (iOS)

Getting work done is only possible if there’s time for it in your day. Planning too many tasks for a day where you’re all tied up with meetings isn’t going to leave you productive – it’ll just leave you overbooked.

When you use both Timepage and Actions, the two work together to help you work smarter. In Actions, this means incorporating your Timepage events in your Schedule, where you can see all that you have to do right where you’re already working.

Viewing Timepage in Actions

All you need for setup is both apps installed your device with the same signed-in account. Any subsequent events you put in Timepage will then appear in Actions under Schedule on their relevant day. The events will also have their representative color, too, so you can better distinguish what calendar it belongs to. Tapping on an event will launch you into that day in Timepage, where you can view more information on your schedule.

If you’re adding an Action Card that feels more like a calendar event, you can quickly move it over to Timepage by tapping the “move to Timepage” icon above the keyboard. Timepage will then launch, and you can continue putting in the information.

Viewing Actions in Timepage

When working in Timepage, Action Cards will populate on their relevant days; for example, if you have a task called “Go to store” set for Monday, it’ll appear on Monday in the calendar. The Action Card will show its List information in Timepage and title.

Tapping on an Action Card found in Timepage will launch Actions, where you’ll be immediately provided with that Card’s information – notes, schedule, and List. Acting on a Card in Actions will also affect the Card found in Timepage, so you don’t have to worry about marking the task in multiple places.

Action Cards can also be marked as complete, deleted, or rescheduled from Timepage via the same gestures you’re familiar with in Actions. Similarly to Actions, Cards can be dragged from one day and dropped to another. Whatever changes made in Timepage will sync to Actions.

While writing a calendar event in Timepage, you can instead create an Action Card with the same title by tapping the “move to Actions” button found above the keyboard. This will launch Actions and drop the Action Card on the appropriate day.