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Mastering Actions

Focus Filters

If you’re using iOS16 and above, you can setup Focus to filter what Actions are shown depending on your current Focus mode.

To learn more about setting up Focus on your device, see here.

Focus is a great way to reduce distractions in Actions. For example, you could link a Home Focus to show just your Action lists that are relevant at home.

Set up an Actions focus filter

  1. In your device Focus settings, tap the Focus you want to add filters to
  2. Tap Add Filter
  3. Under App Filters choose Actions
  4. Tap on Lists and choose which Actions lists should be associated with this focus

Override focus

When focus is active in Actions, you will see the moon focus icon on the Lists screen. Tapping this will disable the focussed lists and show everything instead. Tap again to reactivate the focus filter.

More with focus

All Moleskine Studio apps including Timepage and Flow also support focus filters.