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Configuring Actions

Changing Action Behavior

When Action Cards are making the transition from Schedule to Logbook, they are marked as “complete” and immediately move there. You can change this behavior in preferences.

To make either of these changes:

  1. Tap the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap “Preferences”
  3. Tap “Actions”

Note: This preference can only be changed on iOS

There, you’ll see each setting under its respective header. For moving completed actions to Logbook, you can set this setting to “Immediately,” “After an hour,” “After a day,” and “Never.” Tasks can expire if not completed at intervals including “After a fortnight,” “After a month,” “After 3 months,” “After 6 months,” or “Never.”

Roll Over

If you’d prefer that remaining Actions roll over to the next day rather than sitting in review, visit the Actions Preferences (iOS-only) in the Menu and check “Show overdue actions in Today section.” By doing so, the Actions Cards you’ve created will automatically be added to the current day.

Under the “Overdue” header in the Actions Preferences, you can also change how you see Action Cards waiting review in Review Mode. With roll over turned on, Review Mode will only be activated after a task has been incomplete for seven days or more. The “show number of actions waiting review” setting affects what you see as the Review Mode icon – either the total number of overdue tasks or a basic icon. It should also be noted that with roll over turned off, you’ll see Review Mode for any lapsed Action Cards.