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Getting Started with Actions


Under each Action, you can create a checklist of subtasks. This keeps things neat and tidy, because you might have lots of small things to do which would clutter the Action list itself but still need remembering.

  • To add a checklist, open the Action then tap the + … row and type the title.
  • Tapping the tick on the left of the item marks it as complete.
  • To delete an item, tap into it then tap the delete button. Alternatively you can drag it to the trash icon.
  • Rearrange by dragging and dropping.

Sorting checklist items and cleanup

At the bottom of the checklist, tap the sort button to order your items alphabetically or to move completed items to the top or bottom. You can manually reorder your checklist after it has been sorted as well.

The cleanup feature is an easy way to remove clutter from your checklist, especially with commonly edited items like a grocery list. After tapping cleanup, you can choose:

  • Delete all completed checklist items
  • Delete all uncompleted checklist items
  • Delete all checklist items

This is permanent - checklist items cannot be recovered.