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Mastering Actions

Using Siri

With Siri integration, much of what can be done in Actions through taps and gestures can be controlled with voice commands through Siri. On both the iPhone and iPad, you can tell Siri to make changes to your Action Cards, Lists, and more.

Setting up Siri with Actions

To get started, make sure you have Siri enabled on your device. We also recommend using “Hey, Siri” if your device supports the feature, as it’ll let you make commands without touching your device.

You can check Siri permissions by going to the Settings app, tapping Actions, then “Siri & Search”, and making sure the switch “Use with Ask Siri” is turned ON.

Adding Tasks with Siri

When a quick moment of inspiration strikes, you can log it directly into Actions by creating an Action Card. Action Cards created through Siri act as normal Action Cards, appearing under a defined List given by you as you instruct Siri.

One thing to remember when adding a task: you’ll always want to either add the phrase “in Actions” at the beginning or end of your command to Siri. Without this identifier, Siri won’t know what to do with your task – or it’ll add it to the default Reminders app.

Tasks added to Actions through Siri also must have an assigned List mentioned in the phrase. This should be a List you’ve already created before talking to Siri – if you need to add a List, instructions on that can be found in the section below.

To add a task, include these three parts

  • “In Actions”
  • “Add (your task)”
  • To my (your List) List

In some instances, Siri may ask for confirmation, which can come in the form of tapping on the screen or responding to a query. Siri will then confirm with you that it’s added the task.

For example:

  • “In Actions, remind me to buy milk”
  • “In Actions, remind me to buy milk tomorrow at 10 am”

Adding a List with Siri

If a new project starts while you’re on the go, you may not have the time to enter it in manually to Actions. That’s where Siri and Lists meet – with a quick phrase, you can tell Siri to add a List right to Actions.

Similarly to adding tasks, you’ll want to make sure that you use the phrase “in Actions” during your command to Siri. Lists, however, have a little more flexibility when talking to Siri, giving you a few different ways to create a list.

Here are some examples:

  • “Create a List called Shopping in Actions”
  • “In Actions, make a List called Shopping”
  • “In Actions, add Shopping List”
  • “Make a List called Shopping in Actions”

Checking off Tasks with Siri

Siri can also help you check off tasks, which provides an easy way for you to keep working without interruption. All you need to know is the title of the Action Card and, on occasions where two or more tasks have the same name, the List title.

As always, make sure to use the phrase “in Actions” during your request. You’ll also need to tell Siri the Card and List title. Then, you can try any of the below phrases:

  • “Check (your task) off (my List) in Actions”
  • “In Actions, mark (your task) as complete”
  • “Tick off (your task) in Actions

Reviewing Tasks with Siri

When you’re looking to review what’s on your agenda for the day, you can ask Siri information about what’s coming up in Actions. This also works for a particular List – Siri can tell you the contents of things like a shopping List.

Before or after the phrases “in Actions,” you can ask Siri:

  • “What tasks do I have today in Actions?”
  • “In Actions, what’s on my freelance List?”
  • “Show me my shopping List”

After requesting this information from Siri, it’ll show you a sheet detailing your tasks, including when they are due, what they are called, and their completion status.

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts are specific phrases that trigger specific things to happen in Actions. You can set up Siri Shortcuts by following these steps:

  • Open Actions and swipe to the menu
  • Tap Siri Shortcuts to see a list of suggestions
  • Tap the (+) button to add one of the possible shortcuts

You can then ask Siri to perform that shortcut by saying the exact name of the shortcut title, so for example:

  • “Hey Siri, create Action”