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Getting Started with Actions

Action Card Behavior

Action Cards are flexible, capable tools to help you get work done. When you’re ready to make progress, there are many ways to work with Action Cards.

Completing Action Cards

You’ve finished your task — congratulations! Now it’s time to reward yourself with officially checking it off your task list.

To mark an Action as Complete:

  1. Tap the Card in Schedule or Lists
  2. Tap “Complete” at the bottom of the menu


  1. Swipe from right to left until you see the check icon

When a task has been completed, its title will be crossed out and it will be grouped by the week it was completed. List information carries over to Logbook as well, so you can see what projects you’ve been working heavily on. You’ll also see the Action Card’s notes when tapping into the Card, but the scheduled date will have changed to “Unscheduled.”

If a task was marked as complete by accident, you can restore the Card by visiting Logbook

If you’d like a completed Action Card to stay in the Schedule for an extended period of time, this can be done by visiting “Actions” in Preferences. Under “Move Completed Actions to Logbook,” you’ll have the option to change the length of time before the Card is moved to Logbook — and, if you’d prefer, you can opt to always keep it in Schedule.

Deleting Action Cards

Since Action Cards can be used in lots of ways, sometimes the most fitting interaction with a Card is to delete, not complete. Rather than taking up space, Actions’ delete functionality will remove the Action Card from the app altogether.

To delete an Action Card:

  1. Tap the Card in Schedule, Lists, or Logbook
  2. Tap “Delete” at the bottom of the menu


  1. Swipe from left to right in a long motion until you see the delete icon

Once you’ve deleted an Action Card, you have only a short period to recover it. Doing so requires tapping or clicking the undo icon at the top of the screen, which features a timer showing the time remaining before the Card is deleted permanently. When the timer runs out, the Action Card can not be recovered.

Scheduling Action Cards

Setting due dates is crucial for getting your work done, so we’ve built scheduling functionality right into Actions.

  1. When creating an Action Card, tap the clock icon and choose the date for your event


  1. Tap the blank space below a date in the Schedule tab
  2. Add a title to your Card and all other relevant information
  3. Tap the check icon

In Actions, rescheduling can be done in three ways:

  • Swipe left to right on an Action Card in a short gesture (iOS or Android)
  • Tap or click an Action Card and choose the date
  • Tap or click and hold on an Action Card and drag it to another day

Action Cards can be rescheduled as many times as necessary, and tasks saved to Logbook will retain their schedule date if restored.

When Cards aren’t completed, rescheduled, or deleted before their assigned day passes, they will be moved to our Review Mode feature, found next to the button along the top. In Review Mode, Actions will list all Cards for previous days that were left without action; to reschedule these, swipe up on the Card and choose the date. You can also choose to delete these Cards by swiping down.