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Getting Started with Actions


Open Search by tapping the tab button at the bottom of the main screen. If you have Focus Filters enabled, your results will be limited to those that belong in your current Focus mode.

You can enter keywords to look for in Action titles and notes within Actions.

The resulting actions can be edited just like any regular list.

Filtering search results

You can tap each filter button to toggle whether it is included in the search scope. Filters include:

  • Scheduled actions
  • Unscheduled actions
  • Someday actions
  • Repeating actions
  • Neutral priority (not set to hot or cold)
  • Hot priority actions
  • Cold priority actions
  • Shared actions


Results can be sorted by:

  • Priority
  • Creation date
  • Name
  • Schedule date
  • List

Tip: if you disable all search filters, there will be no Actions shown in the search results.