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Mastering Actions

The Actions Share Extension in iOS

Like Siri and the Actions widget, the Actions share extension is an external way to add Action Cards to Actions. By using iOS’ share sheet functionality, you can take bits of text and immediately import them into Actions – all without leaving the app you’re currently in.

To get started, it’s important to understand just what the share sheet is. Typically found under the icon or by highlighting text and tapping “Share,” the share sheet offers access to locations to which you can share data. In the middle row are apps that can pass along your information, and this is the area where you’ll see Actions’ share extension.

When you’ve found the text you’d like to turn into an Action Card, select it and tap the “Share” button the appears near the text. Then, find tap the Actions extension; if this is the first time adding an Action Card this way, you may need to add the extension by scrolling to the end of the list, tapping “More,” and toggling the Actions option on.

Once you’ve chosen the extension, Actions will display the selected text as one or more Cards – to add many Cards at once, you can select multiple lines of text before tapping “Share.” Action Cards in the extension view can be added to any of your Lists or deleted, and tapping the button will immediately add the new Action Cards directly into Actions under the appropriate Lists.