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Navigation and General Gestures

Timepage is meant to be as fluid as possible, removing any hiccups and allowing you to move around the app with ease. While we certainly see the benefits of touch targets, we believe that gestures are the most modern and effective way to navigate and use an app.


Swipes are an important tool to learn after you first download Timepage. Not only does Timepage support common swipe gestures (up and down) to scroll, but it also utilizes side swipes to move between panels and reveal more information across screens.

As the default view in Timepage, Timeline is the central part of the interface design. Heat Map is on the left, accessible by a left to right swipe on the screen. On the other side, Menu becomes available with a right to left swipe. Swipe left to right while in Heat Map to view a general overview of months and years; swipe right to left in Menu to access search.

Another swipe gesture to keep in mind is to add an event. To do this, open Day View and swipe down until you see a red arrow. Release your finger from the screen and type in the title of your event.

Tap and Hold

Through a basic tap and hold, Timepage’s feature set extends even further. In fact, tapping and holding works to give you access to three different options:

  • Moving an event from Day View to another day
  • Dragging an event from Day View to the bottom of the screen to delete
  • Changing between calendars in Heat Map

The first two options above represent Timepage’s philosophy that events should be easy to edit and reschedule with simple gestures. This idea also carries over to our to-do app Actions.

3D Touch

Introduced with the iPhone 6s, 3D Touch is a force-based way to interact with the interface. By pressing on the screen with two different strengths, you can “peek” to see more information and “pop” to jump right into a new window.

In Timepage, 3D Touch is used across the interface, mostly for peeking into days and events to see Information. For example, press an event under Day View to see a preview of its full list of information. Or in Heat Map, press on a particular day to see what you have scheduled. Even days in Timeline can be pressed to see all you have for that particular day.

You can also use 3D Touch on the Home screen of your iPhone for quick shortcuts into features of Timepage. Press the Timepage icon to see its widget and to jump to:

  • Add New Event
  • Today
  • Weather
  • Next Event

If you like Timepage, you can also share the app from the 3D Touch menu, too, by tapping “Share Timepage.”