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Navigating Heat Map

Whereas Timeline is a vertical take on calendars, Heat Map is a more traditional view, displaying the entire month week by week. There’s a bit of a twist, though – with Heat Map, you can see the frequency and density of events across all of your calendars.

In Heat Map, any days that are circled have events tied to them – the deeper the color, the more events on that day. With the feature, you can get a strong sense of your free and busy days, just at a glance.

When in Heat Map, swipe up or down to navigate between month views. If you go too far, you can tap the return icon at the top to move back to the current months.

To jump forward to months or years in the distant future, swipe left to right while in the Heat Map and scroll until you see your desired month. To go back, the story remains the same – just tap .

Switching Calendars

By default, Heat Map shows every event in one comprehensive calendar. However, if you’d like to see the events for a particular calendar, tap and hold on the bottom of the screen and slide your finger left and right to swap between them. As you do, you’ll see the title of the calendar along the bottom and the calendar color change.

Year View

To the left of Heat Map is the Year View, which is a broad calendar overview for the year. On this screen, you’ll see a list of all the months with each day, and scrolling up or down will showcase months for the next or previous years.