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Smart Alerts

How to Access and Edit Smart Alerts

All five Smart Alerts – Rain Alerts, Daily Briefing, Follow-Ups, Time to Leave, and Upcoming – offer a variety of default options to get you started but are also customizable.

Smart Alerts are accessible through the Menu screen, where you’ll choose “Smart Alerts.” Tap one to begin editing.

Each Smart Alert has multiple settings, including turning it off altogether. Below, you’ll find the variations for all Smart Alerts.

Rain Alerts:

  • Alert for – any rain, moderate rain, only heavy rain
  • Advanced notice – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour
  • Severe alerts – on or off

Daily Briefing:

  • Daily Briefing arrival time – any time during the day in five-minute intervals (9:30, 9:35, 9:40, etc.)


  • Reminder to follow up one hour after meeting with people
  • Reminder to follow up at custom time every day

Time to Leave:

  • Default travel method – driving, bicycling, walking
  • Default notification timing – when I need to leave, five minutes before leaving, 15 minutes before leaving, 30 minutes before leaving


  • Default event notifications – when the event starts, five minutes before, 10 minutes before, 15 minutes before, 30 minutes before, one hour before, two hours before, one day before, one week before
  • Default all-day event notifications – none, on the day of the event at 9 a.m., one day before at 9 a.m., two days before at 9 a.m., one week before at 9 a.m.