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Flow by Moleskine

Photo of Flow on an iPhone and iPad

The state of flow – being in the zone – is an essential part of the creative process. Flow by Moleskine is a whole new take on the digital notebook, designed to make it intuitive to get ideas out of your head by drawing, sketching and writing as fast as you can think. Sophisticated yet simple to use, Flow is a powerful creativity and productivity tool that you can take with you anywhere.

Flow is designed and built by the same team behind Timepage and Actions, with the same obsessive attention to detail, bold aesthetic, playful animation and seamless navigation.

Opening Flow drops you right into the last thing you were doing. With infinite documents, you’re always only a swipe away from a clean blank page to draw and write on with your customized set of tools. You can always pan horizontally and continue drawing without breaking your train of thought. The powerful Apple Metal-based drawing engine is capable of displaying huge drawings with sophisticated rendering techniques as you scrub fluidly back and forth. With Flow, you’re never boxed into thinking on a single page again.

Flow safely stores your documents in the cloud and automatically keeps them in sync across your devices. Documents can be organized by using drag and drop to put them in Collections. Exporting a document has options for how the infinite document will be divided into pages and transparency. On iPad, you can simply drag and drop to export drawings directly to another app, including Timepage.

One of the best things about drawing on paper is the ease of swapping between your drawing tools; simply pick them up without breaking your flow. The customizable Tool Dock recreates this experience: create, select, and rearrange as many drawing tools as you want. Each tool remembers its color, style and weight, so you spend your time creating instead of playing with endless menus.

With Apple Pencil, Flow brings the closest thing to a physical writing tool to your iPad. Ultra-low latency, with tilt and pressure support makes fountain pens, pencils and water brushes come alive. No Apple Pencil? No problem – Flow works with any stylus or touch input.

New to Flow? Download it for iPhone and iPad