Managing your Documents


Exporting options in Flow

When you want to share your work, Flow has three options for exporting content.


Under the “Screen” export option, you can export what’s currently on the screen either via the Share Sheet or via drag and drop. If the content you’d like to share does not show, you’ll need to adjust the document’s position on screen before exporting with this option.


The “Selection” tool allows you to draw an outline around the content you’d like to export. This is useful when you only want to share part of your notes or a diagram.


When exporting “Everything”, you’ll share all the content in your document. If there is more content than can fit on a single page, Flow will break it into multiple pages during the export process. If you’d prefer not to export before or after a certain page, you can choose this with the “Export Range” selector.


All of these export choices come with the same set of options:

  • Include paper color
  • Include background pattern
  • High resolution

These options are enabled by default.