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Creating with Flow

Pencil Case

With Pencil Case, your iPhone wirelessly becomes your Flow tool editor and allows you to draw on your iPad completely fullscreen. It’s instant, immersive and disturbingly fun.

Before you start

Ensure both your iPhone and iPad:

  • Have the latest version of Flow installed
  • Are signed into the same Moleskine Studio account (check this on Menu > Account)
  • Have Bluetooth enabled in iOS/iPadOS settings
  • Have Local Network access enabled in iOS/iPadOS settings under Flow

Activating Pencil Case

Open a Flow document on your iPad, and then open Flow on your iPhone. After a moment your iPhone should automatically activate Pencil Case. If it does not activate but you see the Pencil Case button on your iPad, tap it to manually turn on Pencil Case. If no icon appears, check the Before you start list.

Using Pencil Case

You can place your iPhone wherever is ergonomically best for you and change the orientation of the tools by tapping the mode selector to toggle between horizontal and vertical.

If you are interrupted and need to do something else on your iPhone, the tools will return to your iPad until you open Flow on your iPhone again.

While Pencil Case is active, the hide interface option is still available on iPad but will only hide the top menu items.

Turning Off Pencil Case

  • Tap the Pencil Case icon on your iPad


  • Tap the close button on your iPhone

You can choose whether Pencil Case is automatically activated in the Menu > Preferences > Pencil Case Mode.