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Creating with Flow

Pen Sets

With Pen Sets, you can save different configurations of tools and colours then quickly swap between them. For example, you could have one set for taking notes and another set for pencil sketching.

Using Pen Sets

  • Tap the Pen Set icon above the tool dock to open Pen Sets.
  • Swipe sideways to choose a Pen Set then tap to open it.
  • You can also configure Gestures to quickly select your last Pen Set.


  • The default set of pens is called Essentials and can be modified however you like, but not deleted entirely
  • Documents remember which Pen Set you used last

Editing Pen Sets

  • When Pen Sets are open, tap the … Edit button.
  • Pens can be drag-and-dropped within their set to rearrange the order, and also dragged across to other sets for reorganization.
  • Tap the Pen Set name to customize it (except Essentials, which is the default set)
  • Tapping the + on an individual pen will duplicate it in place.
  • On the Essentials Pen Set, you can reset to default options by tapping the top left reset button.

Sharing Pen Sets

If you’ve created a great set of pens, tap the share button to send it to someone else. Pen Sets are shared via a special URL that shows a preview of the set and allows opening it directly in Flow when on an iOS or iPadOS device.