How to Use Gestures in Actions

Whether you’re swiping away an Action Card or navigating the interface, Actions has robust gesture support. Instead of having to tap through menus and dig deep into options, these gestures save you time and keep you focused.

Gestures and Action Cards

Although there are many ways to make changes to Action Cards, gestures are likely your go-to solution. Here’s a rundown of the Action Card gestures you need to know:

In Schedule and Lists

  • Swipe right to left on the Card to mark it as complete
  • Swipe left to right in a short gesture to reschedule the Action Card
  • Swipe left to right in a long gesture to delete the Action Card

In Logbook

  • Swipe right to left on the Card to restore the Action
  • Swipe left to right to delete  the Action Card

Action Cards can also be added in iOS through swiping down from the top of the Schedule panel. For more information on Action Cards, visit All About Action Cards.

Should these above gestures feel uncomfortable, you can reverse them in the “Actions” preferences under “Swipe right to complete.”

Putting gestures to work can help the interactions in Actions feel significantly faster – instead of having to tap specific points on the screen, you can simply swipe your finger in either direction to switch between Schedule and Logbook.

When in fullscreen mode in Lists, swipe from the edge of the screen left to right or vice versa to navigate between your Lists (iOS-only). This helps you stay contextually focused while also giving immediate access to Action creation. For more information on Lists, visit All About Lists.