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Timepage for iPad 1.4

Timepage for iPad has been selected by Apple for the 2016 10 best apps list. We are honored to be chosen and a massive thank you to all our users who have given us great reviews and feedback. We love you guys and sincerely hope Timepage makes your day better every day.

Waze Navigation

There is now an option to use the Waze app as your navigation provider alongside the two existing options.

Entering Event Locations

You can now long press on the map to select a location. The address will be calculated by the app and added to your location.

Editing Event Locations

You can now drag the spot on the map to move the event to a different location. Again, the address will be calculated by the app based on the new location of the pin.


A new feature on the Event Details screen shows a countdown to your event. Perfect for the party / holiday that you just can’t wait for! Scroll to the bottom of your event and tap on the countdown to make it appear in the new Countdown Widget. You can share your live countdown with a friend, tap the share button and send a link they can open in a browser.

Calendar Editing

A highly requested feature! You can now add, delete, and edit the names and colors of your calendars via the Preferences menu (where permitted by the calendar provider).

Calendar Widget

Updated the calendar widget, it now shows the current week’s heatmap when minimized.


  • Fixed issue where “Time to leave” notifications would be scheduled even when an event has no location.
  • Now allowing help requests via alternative mail clients.
  • Fixed issue where a slight miscue when tapping the back or delete buttons on the Event screen would open the “Edit Event” screen.
  • Minor stability improvements and optimizations.
  • Minor bug fixes.