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Timepage 3.7

This update is all about many little refinements to the interface and animations throughout the app. Check out the list below for all the details and thank you for all your feedback and suggestions!

The Timeline

  • The day and dates are now more readable at a glance
  • Updated the ‘today’ indication to be stronger and match the new styling in Timepage for macOS
  • The time display when scrolling fast is now larger
  • Shading preference updated for Hawking Black theme
  • Heavy shading preference now applies slightly heavier shading on color themes

The Day screen

  • The layout has been adjusted to enable more events on screen
  • New lighting effects
  • New icons when sliding to reschedule and delete events
  • Fixed an issue with Actions color on bright themes


  • Updated look for temperature and rainfall graphs
  • Time control updated
  • New sun icon for clear days
  • Improved the transition at sunrise and sunset
  • Fixed an issue that could cause stars to not show at night

Month Heatmap

  • New animation on iPhone for the Timeline when the Heatmap is opened
  • Refined the layout of the month heatmap with stronger more readable dates and larger month title.
  • Moved the year to the top of screen to match Timepage for MacOS
  • Increased the speed of cycling between multiple pages of events on a day
  • New calendar setup icon
  • New ‘back to today’ button, it now appears in the same position on screen as the button on the Timeline does
  • Updated the expand to fullscreen button on iPad

Year Screen

  • Improved the layout of the months
  • Fixed an issue with the next year not fading correctly


  • Improved the animation transitioning between the Day screen and Events
  • Refined the layout of location, travel times and weather
  • Updated icons for attendees and attendee status
  • Updated the countdown to match Timepage for macOS

Adding Events

  • Updated the styling of the Time Scrubber and Time
  • Updated the icons for keyboard buttons


  • Refinements to the theme selection screen interface
  • Adjusted the styling for some elements throughout the app when using the pure black Hawking Black theme
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some themes colors to desaturate too much when darkened
  • Fixed an issue where some themes weren’t displaying pure black backgrounds

Calendar Preferences Screen

  • Improved the layout to show more calendars on screen at once

Travel Preferences

  • Updated Travel Time icons
  • Layout improvements to the Smart Alerts screen
  • Updated Text Size preference control

Thanks for all your support and great reviews, we love hearing your thoughts and we are always here to help with anything you need.

Btw, have you tried out these things you can do in Timepage?

  • Go all out dark mode with the Hawking Black theme color
  • Setup an alert for severe weather in Smart Alerts
  • Customize the app icon in Preferences
  • Add a countdown widget on your home screen via the Countdown section on your Event