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Timepage 2.8 - Announcing Actions

Big news! The family has grown. We are proud to introduce Moleskine Actions, our exciting new to-do app that integrates seamlessly with Timepage. With Timepage and Actions together, you can see your scheduled tasks alongside your calendar events. Timepage manages your calendar and Actions organizes all the things you need to get done. Master your time with the ultimate productivity app duo!

We’ve been listening to your requests, and number one has been that you want to manage your tasks. We embarked on the mission to deliver this over a year ago. As we tried and tested ideas, it grew into an amazing app with a whole new interface of its own. Moleskine Actions incorporates clever new features like natural language processing, lightning fast cloud sync, Siri integration and drag-and-drop. And of course it shares it’s DNA with Timepage, so we think it’s a bit of a looker too.

In this huge update:

  • Moleskine Actions members can see and manage their scheduled tasks throughout Timepage
  • Improved layout and great new animations on the day screen
  • You can now slide events on the day screen to quickly reschedule and delete them
  • You can now drag and drop events on the day screen
  • Taptic feedback on supported devices
  • An option to hide the menu arrow on the timeline screen
  • Performance improvements
  • A brand new icon, because 2018.