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Timepage 2.10

Siri Shortcuts

We have added extensive support for Siri Shortcuts and there’s more to come. We currently have Shortcuts for the following:

  • Countdown.
  • Daily Brief - for today and tomorrow.
  • Check Invitations - will list any invitations in need of reply.
  • Today in history

Rich event notifications

  • A constantly updating time to leave details along with a map, address details and quick access to directions all within the notification.
  • Dynamic button actions such as snooze time options and access to links from your events’ notes directly in the notification.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Some great updates to the custom URL scheme, and there’s more to come - great for automating your workflows.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented ‘text replacement’ from working on the event creation screen.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding a location to an event when using particular types of calendar, plus some other location related bugs.

  • Fixed a range of reminder bugs.

  • Fixed an annoying bug that caused the app to freeze for some people. Thanks so much to all of you who reported this one!

  • Fixed an issue that broke the navigation/directions button for events created outside of Timepage.

  • Lots of other polish, tuning and general stability improvements.