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Timepage 2.9

Historical events settings

Good news for those who love (or not) the historical events displayed on the day screen! Via the “Events” preference screen, you can now choose to always (or never) display them - or retain the current behaviour.

Overdue Actions

Overdue actions now appear under “Today”, rather than the day for which they were scheduled. This updated behaviour is also in the new version of Actions.


  • Fixed an issue where the app would try (incorrectly) to put a location pin on the map when URLs, phone numbers or email addresses were entered into the location field.
  • Fixed various issues with rescheduling repeating events via drag & drop.
  • Fixed an issue with the fine-grained time picker.
  • Other polish, tuning, fixes and general stability improvements.
  • Added an option to disable haptic feedback.
  • Fixed various issues with Microsoft Exchange calendars when saving and modifying events.
  • Fixed the issue with invisible text and weather icons on the watch when using a dark theme in the iPhone app.
  • Fixed search! It is now dramatically quicker to both enter search queries and see the results.
  • Improved adding attendees by email address. Even attendees who don’t exist in your contacts, will now receive an invitation.
  • Fixed an issue where a change in timezone would sometimes not be reflected in the event times displayed in the app.
  • Watch complications now hide data appropriately when the watch is locked.
  • HTML event notes - e.g. those generated by Google Calendar - are now shown correctly in the event detail view.
  • Fixed a crash when reordering actions in the Timepage day view.
  • Fixed some location issues that could cause the event’s location to appear incorrectly on the map.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented setting the color of the app icon.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect travel directions when using a separate mapping app.
  • Fixed a crash on iOS10.x devices when accessing the Account screens.
  • Fixed an issue in the iOS Settings app where the values of some preferences would be incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where dialling or messaging some phone numbers from the attendee detail page would not work.
  • Fixed emailing from the attendee detail page when using certain 3rd-party email clients.
  • Fixed some translations in various languages.
  • Fixed a problem retrieving the weather at certain locations.
  • Fixed a related issue with the weather widget.