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Timepage 1.4

Introducing the Month Heatmap

We are proud to reveal one of your most requested features – month view! We have carefully designed the Timepage month view to help you look ahead and stay organised. It’s an intuitive heatmap of your schedule so you can instantly get a feel of when you’re busy and when you’re free. Live filters let you see the heatmap for events on individual calendars. Try it out on the left of the timeline screen and check out these quick tips:

  • Busier days are coloured stronger

  • Tap a day to see the schedule

  • Long-press on a day to add an event on it

  • Swipe vertically to change months, tap the month name to return to the current month

  • Press and hold the calendar circles to filter the heatmap into individual calendars

  • Week weather is now shown by long-pressing anywhere on the timeline


Larger text

Enable the new larger text option for event names from Preferences > Events. We will be adding further text size options in the future.

New themes

Try out the new colours - Sunflower Yellow, Pebble Grey and Peach Blossom Pink.

3D Touch Shortcuts

Quickly add an event, see today’s schedule and more right from your home screen on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus using 3D touch.


  • Improved reliability with Apple Watch app. Further updates are coming soon.

  • Icon badge fixes

  • Faster and smoother transitions

  • Address book stability fixes