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Flow 2.8


Zooming out on your documents is a highly requested feature that we are excited to get into your hands! It’s great for seeing a broader context of what you are working on, as you can now see more on screen at once just by pinching out. To get back to normal size, just zoom the document to near the screen size and it’ll automatically snap back into place, or tap the new reset zoom button at the top of the screen

Panning Document Edges

Working on the edges of your document is much easier now - when zooming in you can pan the edges to the middle of the screen for more ergonomic drawing. We’ve also refined panning when you are zoomed in so it’s more precise.


Along with this great new feature, we’ve also added an additional page-divider style which visualises your document as a strip of individual pages. You can still seamlessly draw across the edges as before, this is an optional viewing mode.

Scrubber Options

We’ve added new options for when the document panning scrubber appears. You can now choose if the scrubber shows when zooming in, when panning, or not at all. We’ve also used our shrink-ray to reduce the size of it a little, and in vertical documents it not longer replaces the tool editor when shown.

Other updates

On iPad, we’ve reorganised the top menu to better accomodate the system button in the middle of the screen.