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Flow 2.4

Thanks for all of your great suggestions, we’ve completed a lot of popular feature requests in this version:

PDF page import

Choose a PDF from Import → Files then select any page to place it on your Flow document. Boom.

Tool opacity control

You asked for it and here it is! The new slider on the toolbar and tool editor controls the opacity of the selected tool. Setting it lower will decrease the strength at which the tool applies ink on the page.

Correction Pen / Eraser

Correction tool

We’ve rebuilt the Eraser! Instead of having two modes, it is now two separate tools, making it quicker and easier to use. Choose the Eraser for when you want to remove entire strokes or images, choose the Correction Pen when you want to partially trim or cut into strokes and images.

Other stuff

  • Graphite Pencil tool opacity now responds more rapidly to Apple Pencil pressure.
  • Airbrush refined to suit the capabilities offered by the new opacity control.
  • Improvements to tool response time.
  • Thumbnails for your documents are now based on your last-edit position instead of last-viewed.