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Brush pen released

This update introduces a new tool, the Brush Pen. This tool is great for inking large areas of solid color and applies over the top of existing strokes. Size is highly responsive to pressure with Apple Pencil.

All the drawing tools have been improved with better response to angle, pressure and velocity as you draw with Apple Pencil. The graphite pencil tool now responds more realistically to shading and changes in pressure as you draw.

Drawing Engine

This update introduces a significant improvement to the drawing engine that reduces document size and improves rendering speed.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Changed the grayscale strip in the tool editor to be non-linear, providing a better range of near white options.
  • Adjusted the order of tools in editor to group similar blending styles together.

New Document Sync Options

It’s now easier than ever to keep your documents synced. We’ve added a nifty little icon on the collections screen so you can tell which documents are stored on the cloud. Just tap to download it in the background. If there is no icon then your document is already available locally. You’ll also notice an indicator on currently open documents when fresh changes are syncing.