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Flow 1.1

A wild tool appears! Introducing the new Lasso Knife tool, a powerful new way to create with Flow.

Move and rotate

With the Lasso Knife you can trace around parts of your drawing that you want to select and edit. The selected strokes lift off the page, you can move them by dragging around and tap to place them back down. When you have something selected you can also use two fingers to rotate.


You can copy anything you have selected by tapping the duplicate button on the tool editor. If you are using an Apple Pencil you can also press and hold a finger down then drag with the Pencil to create a copy.

Select by pen type

The Lasso Knife allows you to choose what kind of pen strokes it selects from the page. You can toggle each option from the tool editor when the Lasso Knife is your active tool. This is super handy when you want to edit just one part of your drawing, for example you can select just the graphite pencil lines from a sketch you’ve drawn over top of with a fineliner pen.


You can change the color of any strokes you have selected, just press on the recolor icon and drag over your page or pens to get a new color. This feature becomes extra powerful when combined with selecting by pen type - for example you can select just the chisel marker shading on your drawing and modify its color.