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Actions 2.0

Welcome to Actions 2

This is Actions version 2 and it’s our most exciting update yet - with your most requested new feature and lots of big changes under the hood that our team has been working on for months. Special shout out to Simon, Alex and Andrew who have been leading the charge on building, testing and finessing the goodies we now all get to enjoy!

If you use Actions on multiple devices, ensure they are all updated to use the new features.


This version introduces something thousands of you asked us to make – checklists. Each Action card can now have its own checklist, opening up entirely new ways of organising what you need to get done. For example, you could create an Action called “Chicken Risotto” then add the ingredients as a checklist.


To get started with checklists, just tap on an Action and you’ll see a new add item button right up top.

When you add checklists to an Action, there is a handy progress indicator on the Action itself so you know the status with just a glance.

Checklists are synced instantly to all your devices including the web so you can stay productive from your desktop (


We’ve refined lots of things all across the app, including an easier way to manage the color of your lists and beautiful new pastel options.

Also check out the oh-so-satisfying new animation when completing an Action.


Performance Improvements

Our entire backend infrastructure has been rebuilt to be faster and more reliable than ever. It also paves the way for some sophisticated new features we are currently building for future versions.