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Actions 1.6

We’ve done a little renovation

Good news! Actions just got even more useful. We’ve redesigned the layout of some buttons and screens to make getting around faster and easier. Like any good renovation there were endless cups of tea and few hammered thumbs but we think you’re going to love the result.

The Add Action button is now at the bottom of the screen, making it easier to reach. The Lists button has moved to the middle along with Logbook and Schedule, making it faster and more convenient to quickly get where you want to go.

The Lists screen has a whole new way to view your lists. Tap the button in the top right to swap between the classic Actions horizontal mode and the new vertical mode. The vertical mode shows your lists (you guessed it) vertically in a more compact size, displaying just the list name and number of uncompleted Actions. This mode is a great way to quickly find and jump into a particular list.