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Actions 1.3

Thank you for such a great launch! We are working hard to continually improve Actions and are listening to all your great ideas.

Siri Shortcuts

We have added extensive support for Siri Shortcuts and there’s more to come. We currently have Shortcuts for the following:

  • Daily Brief - for today and tomorrow.
  • Open list - Siri should start to learn where and when you view particular lists in Actions and show them to you at just the right time.
  • Create Action - Siri will open Actions on the create screen, making it quicker than ever to capture that idea you had.
  • Completed today & yesterday - a summary of actions you’ve ticked off. You’ve been busy!
  • Create Action from clipboard - Siri can create actions from the text in your clipboard - either as a simple title, or as JSON for more detailed actions.

Search through all of your completed and incomplete actions both in the app and in iOS search.

  • Your Actions notifications will now show dynamic buttons such as snooze time options and access to links from your actions’ notes directly in the notification.
  • Access to those same links right from your lists by using 3D touch on an Action bubble.

Lots of other polish, tuning and general stability improvements.