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Membership Basics

Cancelling a Membership

While we’d love for you to stay, we understand that our apps aren’t for everyone. If you’ve got a minute to spare, we’d love to hear why you cancelled at

We use Apple subscriptions on iOS, Google’s on Android, or Stripe for Starbucks coupon users - so you can easily cancel your subscription by following the steps below. Your subscription gives you access to use the app on all your devices, so you should only have a single subscription.

One click

  1. Click this link: Manage Subscriptions
  2. Find and tap Timepage, Actions or Flow
  3. Choose “Cancel Subscription”

App Store

  1. Open the App Store app
  2. Tap your photo at the top of the screen
  3. Tap “Subscriptions”
  4. Find the subscription you’d like to cancel
  5. Choose “Cancel Subscription”

See this article for more information.

Cancelling your membership will not delete your data. The app will remain in read-only mode, and reactivating a subscription will allow you to use the app with all of its full features.

Account deletion

You can delete your account and all your data by clicking the “Delete Account” button on our accounts site. There is no undo, so please be careful!

Alternatively, we can delete your account for you - just send us an email.

When you delete your account, all associated settings, data, Flow documents, and Actions will be permanently removed.