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Getting Started

Overlap home screen, showing three colourful bubbles for three time zones

The main screen of Overlap shows you the current time for each time zone you have in your list.

Swipe left or right to see what time it’ll be in the future or the past. The time offset (e.g. 7 hours from now) is shown at the bottom - tap it to get back to now.

You can tap a time zone to edit it.

Time zones in the list can be collapsed, its a useful way of focussing on just the places you want right now. Long press on a time zone to collapse it, and long press on a collapsed time zone to re-expand it.

Adding time zones

Search time zones

You can add a new time zone by tapping the plus button in the top right corner. You can search by city, country or time zone name.

Editing time zones

Time zone view

Tap the time zone name to change it; for example, you might simply rename a time zone to say ‘Grandma’ or the name of a client you work with.

You can choose ‘available’ hours for each time zone. For example, Dan in London might be available from 2pm to 5pm and Rashida in Sydney might be available from 7am to midday.

You can adjust the flexibility of the available hours so that there is some leniency beforehand or afterwards. Flexibility makes it easier to find times that suit people across time zones.

Tap the circular icon in the bottom left corner to set this time zone as your current time zone. Your current time zone is marked with an icon on the main screen.

Overlap graph

Overlap graph

Tap the Overlap Graph at the bottom of the screen to open it. The Overlap Graph magically shows you the most compatible times to schedule your catchup. The more convenient a time is for everyone combined, the higher the graph goes!

The graph takes into account each of your time zone’s availability and flexibility in order to find the most suitable time.

You can change which time zones are including in the graph by long pressing on them to collapse or expand them. Collapsed time zones are not included in the graph.


Once you’ve found a time that suits, tap the share button in the bottom right corner to bring up the share menu. You can share a text description of the selected time with a contact or app, tap “Schedule in Timepage” to open the current time in Timepage or “Schedule Event” to quickly create an event.