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Adding Your Calendars

Calendar settings

Overlap can display your calendar events, so you can always find a time that suits your schedule. Tap the ellipsis (⋯) icon in the top right to open the calendars screen, then drag your calendars into the “Visible Calendars” section. Events that are on the calendars listed here will be displayed on the main screen above your time zones.

Changing Color Mode

Pull down the list of time zones and release to switch back and forth between default and custom color modes. The default mode shows day and night as shades of blue with availability as green. The custom mode displays day and night as grey with a color of your choice highlighting availability. When switching to custom mode, pull further to change the color and release when the one you like is displayed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Overlap keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you navigate Overlap quickly and easily. You can see a list of shortcuts by pressing the Command key (⌘) on iPadOS.