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Look forward to upcoming events with our handy Countdown feature. Every event in Timepage automatically gets a countdown to the starting date and time.

At the bottom of each future event, Timepage displays a countdown of how many days are left until your event begins. Where there’s less than a day to go, Timepage will round up to the nearest number of hours.

Tapping on this opens the dedicated Countdown screen where you can configure a countdown widget for your iPhone or iPad.

Timepage event screen showing the countdown in 5 days for a flight to Melbourne.
Timepage Countdown screen showing a countdown of two days, 17 hours and 32 minutes until it’s time to call Ernest.
The event screen summarises the countdown for a flight to Melbourne as the number of days remaining until 12pm, January 15. The Countdown screen offers more detail, showing the remaining hours and seconds, as well as days, until it’s time to call Ernest.

The Countdown screen

The Countdown screen shows the countdown already in progress, with a readout of days, hours and seconds remaining until your event. This feature is only available for future events (of course), but works automatically regardless of whether you created a scheduled event or an all-day event.

Countdown screen showing “Our wedding anniversary”, an all-day event.
Countdown screen showing “Vince’s birthday party”, an event with a specified start time.
Timepage counts down to midnight on the day of all-day events (“Our wedding anniversary” in the example). Otherwise, the specified starting time (“Vince’s birthday party”) is used, counting down days in blocks of 24 hours.

Setting up the Countdown widget in your Today View

  1. Swipe right on your device’s Home Screen to access the Today View.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.
  3. From the list of available widgets, add the Countdown widget (note: this is different to Timepage’s Today widget).
  4. You can reorder your widgets by tapping and holding the right hand side.
  5. When you’re finished, tap Done.

The Countdown widget is now ready to display your Timepage events.

Countdown widget collapsed
Countdown widget expanded
Countdown widget shared
In this example, the “Vacation in Hawai’i” event has been added to the Countdown iPhone widget. Sharing the countdown with a friend generates a link to a styled webpage showing the countdown, feature image and name of the event.

Adding events to your Countdown widget

Access your event’s Countdown screen in Timepage. From here, you can choose from our collection of feature images to highlight your countdown.

When you’re ready, tap the Display On Widget option to instantly add this event to the Countdown widget.

Using Countdown with Siri

You also have the option to add your countdowns to Siri. Just tap the Add To Siri option from your event’s Countdown screen. This will open up your iPhone or iPad’s configuration screen, where you may specify a custom phrase that tells Siri to announce your countdown.

Timepage Countdown screen showing an Add to Siri button below the countdown.
The iOS Add to Siri screen, showing a custom voice command: How long until New Year?
iOS Siri screen showing Timepage responding to a question - How long until New Year?
The Add to Siri feature lets you use a voice command to tell Siri to announce your countdown. In this example, the voice command has been changed from the default "Countdown to New Year's Day" to "How long until New Year?" by tapping on the command text.

Sharing your Countdown

Get excited together! Tap the Share With A Friend option on your Countdown screen to share your countdown with a friend or on social media.

New to Timepage? You can download the app on the iOS app store for iPhone and iPad - the first week’s on us then it’s $11.99 USD/year.