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About Timepage

Timepage is a modern take on one of the most important functions of our devices: the calendar. Built with both design and function in mind, Timepage is traditional and fresh, introducing new ideas of what a calendar can be while also staying true to the goal of keeping you organized.

Timepage is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and macOS with a free trial.

Photo of Timepage on an iPad

Getting started

Timepage’s interface begins and ends with Timeline, the central location where you’ll see your days and weeks ahead. A vertical take on your calendar, Timeline is a rundown of what upcoming events are relevant based off priority and time.

Tap into an event to see your Day View, a collection of scheduled events, tasks (via our to-do app Actions) and weather information that keeps you informed about the day ahead. Events in Day View contain user-added information about time, people, location, and notes, so you are always aware of every detail heading into an event.

For those who love a traditional methodology, we’ve built Heat Map, a monthly look at your calendar with a twist. Through color density, Heat Map shows you what days are busier than others, what days are free, and when you can add that upcoming event.

Timepage was built with you in mind, offering rich customization of the interface, including themes, gestures, text size, and more. It also supports multiple calendars – don’t worry about having to be picky. Timepage even goes with you on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, guaranteeing that you never miss a thing.

And because we want Timepage to have a seamless benefit of your life, we’ve left Timepage customizable down to the notifications you receive. With our Smart Alerts, you can be notified of a variety of calendar-focused things, or completely turn them off altogether.